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U-Haul trucks:

  • are 50% easier to load

  • have high visibility mirrors and cab

  • come with Gentle-Ride suspension


Equipment Rental for In-Town or Cross-Country

  • Trucks— from 10 ft to 26 ft (see below for approximate capacity)

  • Trailers — enclosed and open

  • Trailers and tow dollies for vehicles

  • Dollies —for appliances, boxes and furniture

  • Furniture pads


What size truck do I need?

  • The contents of a 5X10 will fit into a 10 ft truck = up to a studio apartment

  • The contents of a 10X10 will fit into a 14 ft truck = apartment up to 2 bedrooms 

  • The contents of a 10X12 will fit into a 17 ft truck = home up to 2 bedrooms

  • The contents of a 10X15 will fit into a 20 ft truck = home up to 3 bedrooms

  • The contents of a 10X20 will fit into a 26 ft truck = home up to 4+ bedrooms


How big are the trailers?

  • The contents of a 4X6 will fit into a 5X8 trailer

  • The contents of a 5X10 will fit into a 6X12 trailer


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